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hope all had a pain free night . I have been having severe leg pain associated with lumbar stenosis (severe) at L4 - S1 .The pain in my left leg is unbearable .I can only walk about 20 feet before I am in so much pain I am in tears . The MRI confirmed that L4 / L5 discs are so flat they looked like a black line on the MRI with impingement of the bilateral L3 nerve roots.
My leg is most painful when I lie down ,so sleep is very intermittent with waking about every hour . My doc say I can keep doing the injections & pain meds and think it over if I wanted to do a fusion at level L4 / S1 . I am seeking a second opinion but by the looks of the MRI and those disc rubbing bone to bone looks like surgery will be my only option. Btw ,I have been to emergency twice in one week for leg pain and all they did was give me hydrocodone & Naproxen. My pain management is giving me hydrocodone & flexiril which helps me to sleep about 2 hrs uninterrupted . I have been on neurotin for 2 years for nerve pain ,not doing much good now . I have no pain sitting or even riding my stationary bike , its the lying down and walking that is most painful. I don't know how much more of this pain I can take before going crazy . I am on 2 antidepressants ,primadone for myclonus, requip for restless leg,lisinopril for blood pressure ,meclizine for dizziness, plavix for stroke prevention ( prior tia's) tramadol ,lidocaine patches and now using a walker can cane ,confined to the house and can't water my plants . Has anyone else experienced bad leg pain when lying down and pain on walking short distance . Any input would be greatly appreciated .

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