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Half way through PT and 50% improved. Mornings are still the worst. My concern is the last 50%.

Here are the PT exercises I have done. This might be helpful for others not able to get to PT. Of course my situation is not necessarily your situation. All "poses" are held for 30 seconds at least.

1. Lie on back and raise knee of affected side to chest and pull it into chest or as far as it will go without pain.

2. Make a 4 with knee of affected side, which is my right side. Lie on back. Raise left knee, left foot in floor. Put ankle of right leg on left knee so that right knee points right. This looks like the # 4. This can also be done sitting so that you cross your right leg over your left in a very "manly" way, again right ankle to left knee.

3. Sit on edge of chair. Extend right leg (right side is affected). Keep leg straight. Heel on ground. Flex to point toes toward you. If you can, repeat while leaning forward with straight back. Keep hips forward, don't turn hips.

Then this was added to 1, 2, 3 a week later.

4. Lie on back. Rest back of calves on couch or therapy ball. Heels are not touching the couch or ball. Keep legs straight. Flex toes forward and back slowly.

5. Because I had tightness, tingling, pain in my right groin, this was added. Stand straight. Legs 2 feet apart, toes pointing straight. Lean to the left, stretching the right groin (affected side). So left leg is bent and right is straight. Back is straight.

Then this was added and subtracted after the next session. The purpose is to focus on helping the bulging/herniated disc.

1, 2 were halted. I am going to see if they can be put back in because they feel good and are stretches I have done in the past routinely.

6. Lie on back. Bend both knees, feet on floor. Do slight pelvic tilts. Hold, back down. Like wimpy situps. Not full situps. Upper body stays flat on floor.

7. Lie on stomach and put pillow under chest for 10-15 minutes. You can read, watch TV. Recommended as first position in going to sleep.

8. Lie on stomach. Raise chest off ground slightly, pushing with forearms that are flat on floor, then raise to cobra position, pushing with forearms that remain flat on floor.

9. Lie on stomach. Right arm raised at 45 degree angle (maybe less) in front of head, straight. Then left arm. Both sides. Result: you are one long line from either left or right raised hand and arm tip to toes, which are flat on the floor.

It was suggested I sleep on my stomach if I can. Next best is on back with pillow under back of knees.

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