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the burning pain comes and goes when on my feet for long periods is when it normally happens. I also have a lot of pain with movements in my back . I am wearing a bone stimulator because of no bone growth. been wear the bone simulator since 3-12-16. I call my NS yesterday left message about the leg burning. The doctor call me left message to call him back he never calls! He call one time to tell me that i need surgery so. My question is the burning in the leg a concern?
It is hard to say what is causing the pain. Is this the same pain you had back in Feb when you posted? Is it on the front side of the leg or does it run down the back? Burning pain is usually almost always nerve pain. This could come from nerve compression prior to surgery that is still lingering or from something still pressing on the nerve now. There may be inflammation pressing on the nerve or it could be from instability at the infused joint.

You won't know if the burning is a problem until you know you have fusion.
The burning in the front of my right thigh i talk to my NS yesterday about this and he said the it is more the likely come from the right side of the disc that has narrowing which is the side he didn't but rod or screws he only did the left side. I have alot ofmy back pain is on the left side. He is tell me when we do the flextion and extension xray he will be looking for a halo at the screws. Then he tells what he plans on doing if he goes back in he will put screws and rod on the right side and use BMP which he said is very expensive and is used on high risk patients I am going for a second opinion

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