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I'll try to make this nice and short; to the point.

I am a 32 year old male who started developing chronic weakness and fatigue about 4 years ago. I have health problems like thyroid disease but they were never anything like now.

I have persistent sciatic and lower back pain that often reaches the point where it impairs the daily activities of an otherwise healthy young man. I can't sit up straight for long without needing to lie down because of the pain. Walking about all day proves super painful at day's end. My back muscles often feel like they're being pulled and ripped and two years ago I had a back muscle injury that they thought were kidney stones. They put me on pain medicine and gave me a short term script for percocet but the culprit was rather, a torn muscle. But that area has become bothersome since. The only reason I even went in to the ER that day was because the tightness of that area was literally interfering with my breathing, but I'm not sure how.

This often disrupts my sleep. I wake up, in pain, and sometimes unable to breathe properly, basically when this happens, I breath in and if too deeply, the a muscle in the upper thoracic area (the one I hurt) starts hurting a lot.

My sciatic pain on my legs sometimes makes it hard to walk right (usually the right leg).
I'm on Gabapentin and Baclofen for the pain, which certainly help but only do so much. I was in PT from August 2015 to February 2015 and it helped a lot but not to the point where my pain is contained. They told me there that my hips were slightly misaligned but not reason to think I had a disc problem. I was sent in for a xray of the upper thoracic spine which showed nothing.

I feel as though I need to return to my doc and inform her that my pain is not subsiding. But I'm just so tired of being treated as though I must be lying. There's few people who have ever just believed that I'm in pain. I mean, I exercise, as far as able, I eat right, they say losing weight helps, but I'm this skinny guy who's got no weight to lose!

I just don't know what to do here. It's a battle I didn't pick, it was delivered on my doorstep. Do I not have the right to be healed and be reasonably comfortable in life?

Help, advice?

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