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Hey, im a 23 year old male, So I was at the gym for roughly 6 months, I was making good progress and getting stronger, but in hindsight I was neglecting working out my back. I was working arms on this particular day and doing barbell curls of 40kg when I felt a sort of twitch or strain in my back, located in my upper back between my spine and shoulder blade. I thought nothing much of it and finished up my workout with basically no pain, the problem came the next morning when I woke up, I couldn't even breath the pain was so severe all through my back, every movement knocked the wind out of me and I was wincing with pain. I had hoped the pain would go away itself with rest after a week but it just continued, being mild in the mornings but agony as the day went on, I went to a doctor but was basically shrugged off with "just rest it" :/. Anyway that was 5 months ago, and though the pain has lessened quite significantly, I can still feel there is something not right and I can isolate the pain to one muscle in my back that is always protruding from the rest of my back right in the afformentioned area. It will be fine most days, but if I have a day where I walk alot or I am working a long shift my back is in agony again, this isn't normal for a fit healthy guy of 23. Any ideas? Sorry for the lengthy message and thank you :)

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