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Hello all, Can some please help me understand my MRI results?? My next spinal DR appointment is a month away... I am 48 years young with 3 previous lumbar surgeries. The latest in 2013, Spinal fusion of L4-L5, L5 S1... A lot of lower back pain, Along with pain in both legs. RT leg & foot is numb..

Thank you :angel:

Back pain. Numbness to both legs.

Technique: Multiplanar sequences performed through the lumbar spine.

[B]Comparison:[/B] 06/22/2015 MRI lumbar spine.


Study is degraded by patient motion artifact.

Anterior longitudinal ligament posterior longitudinal ligaments
appear intact.

There is scattered Schmorl's nodes. There are mild chronic
compression deformities. There degenerative change with bilateral SI

L1-2 demonstrates disc desiccation facet hypertrophic general change.
No significant neural foraminal or spinal canal narrowing is

L2-3 demonstrates disc desiccation decreased intervertebral disc
height and facet hypertrophic degenerative change. No significant
neural foraminal or spinal canal narrowing

L3-4 demonstrates minimal broad-based disc bulge and facet ligamentum
flavum hypertrophy with mild spinal canal and moderate bilateral
neural foraminal narrowing.

L4-5 demonstrates posterior fusion with pedicle screws and rods.
There is mild broad-based disc bulge which indents thecal sac. There
is mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.

L5-S1 demonstrates disc desiccation and decreasing to disc height.
There is posterior extension disc osteophyte complex which abuts the
S1 nerve roots within the spinal canal. There is facet ligamentum
flavum were made with associated severe bilateral neural foraminal


[B]Lumbar Spine MRI 6/22/15[/B]

005017717 MRI LUMBAR SPINE WO CONT 72148

HISTORY: Low back pain

PROCEDURE: MR Lumbar spine without contrast

TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar, multisequence MR images of the lumbar spine

FINDINGS: Comparison with the prior study of 02/05/2013 demonstrates
interval appearance of bilateral pedicle screws and fixation rods at
L4, L5 and S1. The disc height and degenerative signal change with
desiccation remains stable. There is no evidence of focal disc
extrusion. There is straightening of the lumbar lordosis and
suggestion of mild canal stenosis at L3-4 secondary to slight annular
disc bulge and straightening of the lordosis. The foramen are widely
patent throughout. No other changes are appreciated.

IMPRESSION: Interval appearance of bilateral pedicle screws and
fixation rods from L4-S1. No interval disc extrusion or foraminal
stenosis is detected.

L3-4 demonstrate mild disc bulge which in conjunction with the
straightening of the lower portion of the lordosis appears to have
very mild early central stenosis at this level.

** Electronically Signed by M.D.MBA ABRAHAM OBUCHOWSKI **
** on 06/22/2015 at 1727 **


[B]Lumbar Spine X-Ray April 22/15[/B]

004980465 LUMBAR SPINE 2V 72100

Back pain


AP and lateral views of the cervical spine performed.

Postsurgical changes relate to posterior spinal fusion hardware
related to L4, L5, S1 vertebral bodies with biomechanical devices at
L4/L5, and L5/S1 disc space levels. Multilevel spondylosis.

Postsurgical changes. Multilevel spondylosis.

** Electronically Signed by ADAM GITTLEMAN MD on 04/22/2015 at 1348 **
Reported and Signed by: ADAM GITTLEMAN MD

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