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I have had nerve pain in my right leg and upper spine back pain with numbness and weakness in my arms. My neck is sore. This is the MRI. Can someone let me know what this mean's. I am waiting for a neurosurgeon and have a referral. I am seeing a neurologist next week. What are my options. I have had this extreme pain for 9 months and feel I am getting worse.
CS-6: There ig severe disc space narrowing with moderate to large endplate osteophytes and broad-based disc bulging present. This endplate

disease results results severe compression upon the theca 1 sac and the

spinal cord with the osteophyte disc complex compressing the ventral

surface of the spinal cord pushing it posteriorly and effacing the CSF

There is high grade central and

behind the cord at this level. bilateral lateral recess stenos is with moderate right-sided neural foramina 1 stenos is.

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