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Had surgery last week and was in hospital for 3 nights.

* Spinal stenosis, lumbar region, without neurogenic claudication.
* Bulging (herniated?) disks.

I don't yet have copies of any notes but the vertebra involved were L1-L2, L2-L3, and L5-S1
Surgery was 3 laminectomies and diskectomies.

Follow-up appt with the Surgeons PA happened earlier today.

The morning of my last day in the hospital I began having issues with upper right leg, specifically the buttock, and right hip. When putting weight on right foot, and attempting to stand up, I experienced sharp pain in right buttock upper leg, not allowing me to completely stand up. (like a hinge getting stuck in the middle)

The issue lessened as the day wore on. And when the surgeon visited to discharge me he did not show much concern, as if it was a common issue that would quickly go away on its own. However, when I awoke the next morning ro use the bathroom, the issue had returned, but this time with a significantly higher degree of pain. And its been the same since for the last five days. I have been unable to stand completely erect, and unable to walk normally. When standing I must scrunch over, keeping most my weight on left leg. However while doing this (compensating) I am observing pain in left knee and right shin.

In pre-surgery consultations, and printed documents provided to me, it was said that PT was suppose to occur before discharge. However I received no PT while in the hospital or after discharge.

On my followup appt today the PA did not show much concern with the pain issue, and recommended I get signed up to my own physical therapist, and provided me a prescription for Oxycondone and Flexeril.

I'm feeling that both the surgeon and his PA did not want to be involved in discussing the issue of the new pain and what might be causing it.

The surgeon stated at the time of discharge, that on my followup, the PA would provide an aok to start driving or not. However the PA was unwilling to provide that today. Said it was up to me.

It seems that some of the original pain issues that led to me having the surgery have subsided, but it is difficult to know, in that I've not done any significant walking, reaching, flexing, bending or lifting, to test if my previous issues have improved. And I am presuming the new pain issue is masking any other issues that I may be experiencing.

To be clear, the NEW pain issue in my upper right leg/buttock significantly outweigh all the other previous pain issues I was reporting.

Today after visiting the PA, I had to schedule my own PT. And I learned the earliest I can get in is 01/12/17. If I had known the neurosurgery provider was not going to provide/schedule me for PT, I would have scheduled my own PT appts way in advance to ensure I received proper PT at the earliest time possible post-surgery.

So unless the new pain automagically disappear it appears I will have to endure the status quo for three and a half weeks, without any exercises, and just relying on prescriptions, and hoping that I will eventually be able to completely stand up and walk without extreme pain.

Needless to say, at this point I am wishing I did not have the surgery. And I have lost all confidence on this provider. I have a follow-up appt with the surgeon (not the PA) scheduled in one and a half months. I'm going to write a detailed letter on how I feel I've been disrespected throughout the whole process (including changing the date/time of surgery five times over two weeks before surgery).

Hopefully all this makes sense as I am a bit ditzy from the prescriptions. Thanks for listening. Time for bed.
Also I don't understand why the surgeons diagnosis was "without neurogenic claudication" when I have previously repeatedly reported cramping of the legs.

Tomorrow I am requesting copies of the surgeons chart notes.

And if I'm unable to walk properly by the day after Christmas I will be seeking an opinion from a different neurosurgeon.

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