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Hmmm. My personal opinion is that they see some backs that are so horrendous and they deal with people all day long who talk about being in intense pain that after a number of years in practice, they lose all empathy. The garden variety back issue that is devastating to the individual is commonplace to the spine surgeon. The exception to this is a spine surgeon who has had spine problems! Then there is sympathetic understanding of just how life changing it can be.

Copy out the sentences that make up the end of the Impressions section of the report pertaining to L4-5 and, especially L5-S1 where there is severe foraminal stenosis that is compressing the L5 nerve root. The spinal nerves at L5 and S1 not only run down the leg into the foot, but also innervate the sexual organs, and bowel and bladder.
You don't need to have radicular pain to end up with life-changing damage from a compressed spinal nerve.

I recommend you read up on "cauda equine syndrome" to understand what I'm referring to....

I know it is hard to stay positive, but it is a sad fact that sometimes you see a lot of duds before finding the gem that can help you! Your changes are better with an orthopedic spine surgeon than a neurosurgeon.

You might consider looking into Hospital for Special Surgeries in orthopedic hospital in the country.

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