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I just had x-rays done and was diagnosed with 3 mm Cervical Anteriolisthesis @ C3-4 likely related to facet arthritis, Mild DDD @ C4-5 and C5-6, and Grade@ 1 Anteriolisthesis @ L4-5 and moderately severe DDD at L5-S1.

The labor & industries doctor for my independent medical examination specializes in knee surgery and told me that I shouldn't be in pain. I am in pain. I have major low back/buttocks pain. Both feet are numb and can be poked with a pin without my feeling it. I do not feel cold on the sides of either feet and I am walking with a cane. I have neck and shoulder pain and it is always stiff and giving me headaches. My hands go blue at times. I feel numbness in my hands and they tingle. Should I get a second opinion?
Thank you for your reply. Yes, this was an L& I case because I was working in a warehouse lifting 40-50 pound boxes and bags. The IME L&I doc said that it was not work related and I shouldn't have any pain because my xray showed minimal stuff but, I know that with Grade 1 anterolisthesis @ L4-5, sometimes it requires surgery. I also know I was with a cane now and have constant neck pain also. I am on short term disability at work so I am going for a second opinion ASAP. Even if it's not work-related, I'm still having pain and it needs to get fixed. Thanks so much, you confirmed my thoughts exactly. I did have an EMG which showed nothing so I'm still confused about that. No MRI though.

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