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Almost 4 weeks ago I hurt my back while sleeping (twisted weird) causing pain in my calf and right leg. The pain moved upward to my lower back and went away after about an hour.
Two days later I was sitting on my couch and while facing forward I lift my legs to the left side and immediately felt a burning pain on my right side. It was very uncomfortable and lasted the entire next day.
Over the last few weeks, I have had radiating flank pain, pain in my right groin area and radiating pain under my belly button. It comes and goes and is not constant yet seems to be aggravated by to much activity and gas. I had an ultrasound (thought maybe it was a ruptured ovarian cyst) and a CT scan of my abdomen (Dr wanted to cover all bases) but both were normal. All bloodwork and urine were normal (slightly high bilirubin).
Dr now put me on 2 broad spectrum antibiotics which I'm hesitant to take bc I'm not so sure it's an infection (and he always gives antibiotics unnecessarily). Any guidance on what to do next would be helpful. My Dr has not been :(

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