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I hate to hear that . I have researched alot on the microdiscetomy and I know there is alot of success at least what I keep reading the studies go on only like 2 years and the patients are still in good shape after the 2 year check up. But when I went to the surgeon Thursday I saw the MRI for the first time and my herniation is more of a bulge like a flat tire. And he said it would require a different surgery it starts with a V I do not remember the name I wish I had took a pen and paper. The surgeon I talked to was kind of young maybe mid 30's and I know he had to go to school for a good long time so maybe he just has not had enough time in the field to be 100% confident. He just kept running his hands threw his hair, and when we started the conversation he said it all just depends on how aggressive I want to attack this thing. I told him I was at the end of my rope I have been doing the conservative thing for 5 months with it only getting worse every month that goes by. I am not sleeping and I have a family and a 5 yr old boy that wants to play and I can't, i am missing my life and I am just looking for some relief. When i told him that he started asking what all I have done conservative? I told him months of chiropractics I have had an injection I have taken oral steroids prednisone which is the only thing that helped at all. Then he asked if i had seen any other drs about this and i have seen the er dr I saw an ortho spine specialist I had seen chiros and then I was in his office, again let me remind everyone I am paying all out of pocket, let me also remind you that one steroid injection into your spine cost ruffly 1,600$ and they took it down to about 1,300$ because I was a self pay. I have spent every paycheck for the last 5 months on my back and I have not got not one step closer to getting any better. The surgeon told me that with time and physical therapy that it could get enough off the nerves that the pain goes away. I have not been able to do alot of the exercises because the pain is too much. He wrote me a higher dose of prednisone and I started taking it on Friday, It is helping alot but it is almost like a pain pill where i start hurting around the time I am suppose to take my next dose so I feel when I am out the pain will return and it's only a 12 day tapering thing so I can't just keep taking them as far as I know. So I saw the surgeon on thurs day at 3 and I have not heard anything yet. I was told to call the finance lady to find out how to pay for all this and so I called her Friday and she didn't even know what kind of surgery I needed to get a price for haha so I really left with no more knowledge or answers of how to fix this. I did see my MRI but it is mine anyways they would have to give them to me any time I ask for them. I was told by work on Wednesday that I was being suspended from work because I had to go home at lunch and at 3 the day before because the pain was too much. The day I went home at 3 I was done with my scedual the boss just has us ride around untill 430 to go home so I went home when I finished at 3 and the next day I just was in too much pain so I went home at lunch time. I have no income now my wife has the whole load as of now. I am thinking about going to work as long as the steroid keeps me out of pain and leave again when I run out I just need a pay check I don't make alot of money so every penny counts and the dr said I was not gonna die or peorlize myself it just hurt so I can bite the bullet and deal with it as long as i can.

In reality we live pay check to pay check. So Medicare won't even cover my 5 year old. I have a 600 a month payment and a 12,000 dollar deductable if I got insurance threw my job before they cover anything and that is the real numbers I would never meet that ever well I would this year lol but it's open enrollment and that time has come and gone. Hopefully I get an answer this week about what the plan is. I want to do the surgery. I just think this is my only option for a real chance to recovery and not have to deal with this for 6 more months or a year or I may never get relife. I wake up at 230 every night and I can't get any kind of relife from the intence pain. I take methadone 55 mg every day I have to go to a clinic every morning they open at 5 so I lay awake untill 430 and I go get my dose it's been the only thing that helps with the pain except now the prednisone it kicks in after about an hour I sleep untill 730 sometime but most of the time I am awake from 230 till I go to work and I work all day and they give me grief about hurting and going home 2 days early only time I have done that this whole time. my boss won't even let me work a half day when I have an appointment he makes me take the whole day off then when I asked for a raise he told me I have taken alot of days off I had to remind him he made me take the whole days off. I scheduled my appointments at like 430 or 5 and I am the only person in the company to bring a dr note every time I have been out no-one has ever brought In a note I asked everyone there is only 6 of us so i figured it out fast.

I have laid here and cried myself back tosleep I'm a grown man with high tolerance to pain but this is a different level of pain and it won't stop and I started hurting the second week in January so this is not something new. I just don't know I read alot of success and I hear good things and then I hear bad stuff but most seem to be 10 yrsold if it's bad or a Fusion surgery so i have high hopes. I would just hate to do surgery and come out worse and regret doing it at all when if I would just have waited it may have healed enough to get out of pain. The MRI showed the disc across the whole back of the vertibre pressing completely against the nerve so I don't know if it can go back on it's own or not. I am able to do most of the herniated disc exercises now with the prednisone so I am doing this about 4 times a day and trying to keep active so I don't lock up. I am going to wait to see what the surgeon says first and then gonna get a second opinion. I just had to pay this guy 100$ just to see him. I vant fo that evrry appointment.Thank you for your responses and keep them coming I need all I can get

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