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If foot drop developed suddenly prior to a surgery, it would be a sign that the affected nerve needed to be decompressed right away. However, in your case, where it is an unintended result of surgery, I don't think it would be considered a medical emergency. My guess is that you will be told that the nerve that was compressed by the issues at L5-S1was further irritated by the surgery. The surgery itself is fairly traumatic. On top of that, given the other issues with the vertebrae, torn dura, etc. The nerve may have been exposed longer than normal or may have been exposed to more handling than customary. Nerves are notoriously finicky and respond poorly to any sort of handling or tugging.

I suspect you will be told that the nerve was irritated during surgery and perhaps is still inflamed, that the drop foot is a result of this and that it will eventually go away as the spine heals and inflammation goes down.

I know how frustrating it is! I am dealing with something similar from my surgery on Sept. 22. But about all you can do is be patient and follow your surgeon's instructions. However, I would call the surgeon's office to inquire if you should be going to physical therapy to work on the drop foot. It is too early for your back, but you maybe could be doing foot exercises for the drop foot that would not require you moving your back.

I gather you are not in a back brace, right?

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