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Teteri66, thanks for your valuable responses.

Like to provide an update to my 4 weeks post-op since my fusion.
Numbness from knee to toes still no improvement. Pain has improved somewhat but my groin to quad and outside leg are still very sore and hurting.

I tried to do little walk as suggested. However, I found out my left foot turned out and slapped the ground with my knee hyper-extended and locked up, and my hip popped and hurt. I can manage to walk with a cane for about 10 minutes and then my knee and hip hurt so bad that I have to stop.

Is this some form of foot drop? I cannot do heel walk nor dosiflex on my left foot. Since I have a dura tear and soft/eroded L4 vertebra during screw instrumentation, would the tear and/or screw at L4 damaged the L4 exiting nerve and caused all my issues on left leg?

I had xray prior to my discharge and the report said the spondy is about the same as prior to surgery….so I compared the reports and the difference is 1mm which is nothing! I thought the fusion supposed to correct my slippage and stabilize the vertebrae. The surgeon told my husband the surgery was successful even it took 8+hrs instead of 3!

My first post-op appointment with the surgeon is at 9 weeks post-op, which is another 5 more weeks away! I plan to ask about the xray report and also PT to help with my left leg and foot. I was on Forteo 1 month before surgery and continue for another 4 more months to help bone growth. I also started 2 hrs/day on the bone growth stimulator.

Anyone has similar issues post fusion with leg pain/numbness and foot drop? Can they be resolved? If so, how long and what treatments? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.


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