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Hello all. I am new here and have been reading and reading so many informative and familiar posts! I was injured ~2 years ago in a car accident. ive done chiro, acupuncture, 3 epidural shots, PT, I had the nerves burned in my back and an emg.. nothing seemed to work.. ive had 2 MRIs done which showed I have 2 herniated buldging discs with stenosis in my L3-L4 & L4-L5 and EMG reported nerve damage. I just recently had a discogram performed by my pain management(good God in heaven did that hurt like a mother^#%%@!!!), which was ordered by a spine surgeon. Today I went to review the report and follow up with my PM doc. My results seem and sound way worse than I thought .. l3-l4 and l4-l5 grade 5 disogram, l5-s1 grade 4. transitional l5 vertebre and schmorls nodes t12-l3. He is certain the surgeon will tell me I am going to need surgery, but I am curious what would be the possible surgeries that will help. I have severe back pack with leg symptoms on both sides. Before going into the discogram, I read just about every post on here that had to do with it which helped me prepare for what was about to come, lol.. my L5-S1 was supposed to be my "test" disc and it turns out, its also a bad disc. The pain did not compare to the top two though, but its just disappointing to find out it may also cause problems down the line.. any advice or similar results that can help me research my options while I lay in bed all night and cant fall asleep! >.< thanks for reading

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