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I wrote this before but apparently didn't get it posted. I recommend the following simple exercise.

Lie flat on your back on a firm surface, feet flat on the floor with knees bent. Place arms close to your sides, palms facing up. Be sure your body is in a straight line and pelvis is in a neutral position. Now, relax and breathe deeply from the belly so you can see it rising and falling. Continue for 2 minutes...up to 5 minutes.

This position is a natural form of traction that helps realign the spine and soft tissue. It allows the discs to unload and any muscles that are "guarding" an injured area to relax. The belly breathing in this position also helps to reset the parasympathetic nervous system...which tends to get pretty wound up when we are in pain.

I do this morning and night and whenever I do anything physical that I know will cause me back pain. I have been known to find a quiet corner in an airport and lie on the floor to do this...just so I could continue on!

It may take a bit...a week or two, to feel any results, depending on how tense and tight your muscles, fascia and soft tissue are.

Personally I doubt you will feel results from Celebrex. You'd probably accomplish about the same by taking several Advil or Aleve!

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