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Hereís an update on my original post for surgery 9/28/17. Iím 5 weeks post op now and all lot has changed. I got a copy of my Operative Report from my doctor on my 11day post op visit. I was surprised to know I did not have a microdiscetomy done on me. I had L5,S1 Left hemilaminoectomy, proximal foraminotomy and medial facetomy done. I had a large portion of hypertrophy ligamentum that was removed and nerve depression completed. I do have degenerative joint disc disease at the L5, S1 level and what they thought was a herniated disc turn out to be the ligamentum overgrown over the nerve. The MRI was unable to distinguish between the two! So the neurosurgeon said she did not touch the disc. I told her that I had started walking 2 miles a day and she said it was too early to take it easy for a while (2 months) and then build up. So I stopped walking now almost two weeks. I feel I need to start again. It helped me get through the rest of my day! I did my walk all at once early in the morning before hubby went to work 2 Miles. I first started out my left hip burned and I limped and it got better after a few days. I walked briskl steady pace slowed if I felt pain. I think the walking helped my middle back pain and soreness. I have issues their, herniated discs. As for my post op symptoms by 10 days the numbness, back and leg pain went down to 25% I no longer sleep elevated like before surgery. I started taking pills as needed some times twice a day. I still get numb toes but not all the time! Iím sore inside around the surgery area and to my left side but not to touch it. I feel tenderness on my bottom and spasms between my legs on and off daily. I try not to sit long and listen to my body. Some days I feel bad and spend the day in the bed. I have middle back issues from herniated disc. That area spasm when I try to do activity. I understand the doc reason for not doing the Fusion and seeing how the report shows I didnít need it Iím glad she went less invasive. Iím praying this gets me better. I do not want to fuse my back! My neck is fused from an ACDF 4-5 and 5-6 8/28/15. Itís doing great but I will never be lifting any thing heavy or putting my neck in akward positions like sleeping on the arm rest of a couch etc. If I do my muscles get sore and stiff. Otherwise Iím happier than before the ACDF!
My doctor has me out till 1/18/17. Almost 4 months which is fine bc I donít want to rush back into lifting patients etc.(Iím a pediatric nurse).
So for now at 5 weeks I have spasms between my legs, numb toes on both feet at times, back soreness while standing and feel pressure/soreness when sitting longer than 10 minutes
My sciatica pain is gone but do get tingly feeling down my legs sometimes. Overall Iím much better and still not lifting more than 5 lbs for two months post op is what my doc wants. Thanks for the advice I have received and I know itís gonna take time!
Also I wanted to mention about short term disability insurance. I got AFLAC Hospital and short term disability when I was first told I needed back surgery I have used them twice since I got the insurance back in 2013. For my neck surgery which I stayed out 4 months and now. There is a one week period which is delayed then the benefits pay. It is a blessing to not have to worry about income during this time and I donít have to rush back to work and put myself at risk too soon. The Hospital stay will make up for the one week you donít get benefits! I know itís
expensive but I knew I needed back surgery and come to find out my neck was worse and had that done first.


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