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I am new to the board so forgive me if this has been posted a dozen times and for being long winded just want to give as much detail as possible.
50 years old Male, 6 feet, 195 pounds in good shape. I have had some slight sciatica that started about 4 years ago(PAIN LEVEL 1.5 out of 10), MRI showed bulging disc L4-L5. I was very active and lost some flexibility in the left leg but the Pain was maybe a 1 out of 10 so I didn't see the need to get epidural injections. I was actually scared I would injure my back more if I could not feel any pain. I had problems walking or sleeping but would throw my entire lower back out from time to time, feel the pop and sick feeling, when you know your back just went out and you were going to be in pain for at least 2 weeks. I tried Inversion, PT, ICE, HEAT, Stretches, Yoga, Assisted Stretching, Continued to do Brazlian Jiujitsu but very careful, Spine Decompression, Chiropractors, Massage, Ice, Heat, TEMS, Cold Laser Therapy, Cryotherapy, Acupuncture.
Nothing really seemed to help so I just lived with it and it was not a big deal. It did not affect my sleep or work or exercise unless I over did it for a week and then the back would go out. Now about 4 weeks ago after 2 weeks of probably over doing it I was bending down to pick up something at home and pop the back went out like in the past, but this time I felt burning down in my left foot and my left foot went numb. I iced right away and the next day I woke up bent over forward and bending to the right right side of my body slightly as well. The sciatic pain in my lower left side of my back to my butt, thigh and calf was very bad, After the 2nd or 3rd day of sleeping maybe 2 hours a night, I went to the doctor. The pain level at this point was a 9 out of 10. (PAIN LEVEL 9 out of 10) I could not stand or walk without extreme sciatic pain. I moved around the house trying to find a position that would elevate the pain and settled on the bathtub with warm baths. This gave me the most relief but it would return when I got out. The doctor gave me Naproxen, which did nothing for the pain. I went to the Chiropractor who did Ice, Tens Machine and slight adjustment, No relief at all. I had to stop and kneel down during the X-Rays because I could not stand for more than 20 seconds. I feel like I have a high pain tolerance, as I have had ACL Surgery in both knees and never used the Morphine pump or pain meds after either of those full reconstructions. Have had broken elbows, and ankles and torn ligaments and never used pain medication more than aspirin. Made and appointment with Spine guy who did my MRI 4 years early but it was over a week away. I went to the urgent care because I was getting no relief or sleep. Doctor prescribed predniSONE, Gabapentin, and HYDROcoden-Acetaminophen. I did not take the HYDROcoden because I thought I could tough it out. I could tell my back muscles were healing as I didnt have to grab the head board to turn over, I could push my self off the ground but the Sciatic Pain was still at a LEVEL 9. 2 Weeks from injury, I found relief sitting in a work chair. I ended up dragging myself back to work because I had missed 7 days and I have never missed that many sick in work school or anything. I still have severe pain when I stand or walk but once I get to my chair the pain goes to a 1 or 2. I can not sleep sitting or in a recliner as some have. I try legs up on back, face down, on side, nothing really relieves the pain at all but I can get about 3 hours of sleep if I sleep with a Tens Machine on to distract the pain some. Its usually in 20 minute sessions though. I finally got to Spinal Doc, who gave me more steroids, a pack that was 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, I assume a stronger Prednisone, He said after these run out if the pain is no better schedule MRI, This also did nothing for the pain, so after 3 days, I scheduled MRI, I finally broke down about 2 days ago and took the HYRDOcoden. I slept 8 hours and went to work. Had an MRI the next day and have an appointment with the Spinal guy to read them tomorrow at 1pm. My left leg is very weak so I assume the disc that were bad 4 years ago are worse now and pressing somewhere on the sciatic nerve. What I am wondering is if the pressure on the nerve is causing the weakness and how long before permanent damage is being done or permanent weakness in that leg? I assume no matter what the MRI looks like they are going to want to do some type of Epidural in the nerve. If so will that just make the pain go away? Will the leg still be weak when I walk or try and stand for more than 20 seconds? I tried to take 1/2 a Hydrocoden last night at midnight and it did nothing. It says take 1 every 6 hours for pain but scared I can't drive doing that or even work if I take one every 6 hours? Last detail I can give is if I stand in the mirror and lift my left leg, my body (CORE) holds pretty tight and stable, if I lift my left leg, my Core starts to turn and I see there is not enough support there, if this weakness again because of something pushing on the nerve? Anyway thanks for listening, and again, sorry for the long post!
First question on the spondylolisthesis-What is the Fix for that? Just curious

Yesterday 3:45pm I went in and they gave me a local then stuck a needle in my lower back I assume below L5-S1 disc, put in Dye then the Steroid I assume, slight burn and pressur was pretty intense but only lasted about 10 Seconds. Stuck me again above that spot same thing, dye steroids, burn then pressure. 1 more a little higher and if I am not mistake 1 about mid-back. There was a pain killer in the dye I think so on the ride home I didn't feel any pain but my leg was twitching a little. Iced every hour or so for 20 minutes. Around 8:30pm Pain was maybe a 1 out of 10, I fell asleep and slept solid for 3 hours. Best sleep I have had in a month. Pain was zero at this point, did not sleep anymore just watched TV. Got up and walked downstairs this morning a 6am and had the same tingling pins and needles in calf and foot with numbness like before the injections and after about 20 steps the pain got worse back up to 7 or 8. Had to sit down. I saw some earlier posts about not sitting but honestly for the last month before injections that was the only position that would take the pain down to a 1 or 2 from a 10 other than a hot bath. Standing, walking, laying feet up, pillow between legs, you name it every position hurt, face down pillow on hips, laying on back, laying on firm matress, mats, couch, everything hurt except sitting sort of slumped over. I am hoping maybe the pins and needles lessons today or goes away, I am wondering if I should start walking as far as I can and do some Mckenzie stuff or just lay low for a few days and take it easy, what do you guys think.

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