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Ct Myleogram
C3-c4 disc bulg seen without discrete spinal stenosis
C4-c5 broad based disc bulg seen causing effacement thecal sac. There is also evidence of posterior narrowing noted on the left side along the left lamina. Discrete impression is not seen on the cord but there is thinning of the CSI space. Bilateral uncovertebral hyper trophy is seen with neural narrowing more so on the left
C5-c6 surgical site is widely patent. The laminectomy site is widely patent
C6-c7 surgical site widely patent with widely neural foraminal bilaterally the pedicel screws are well placed
Impression broad based disc bulg at c4-c5 with bilateral neural foraminal narrowing more on the left. There is moderate impression on the thecal sac posteriorly at the left lamina at this level which might be from thickening of the ligament
Foraminal stenosis is significant c4-c5 bilaterally

This is an abnormal study there is electrophysiologic evidence of chronic cervical radiculopathy on the left involving c5 and c6 nerve roots.
There is chronic cervical radiculopathy on the right involving predominantly c7 and c8 nerve roots
NCOs of the bilateral median motor responses were unremarkable with suggestions of a Martin- grub er anastomoses . Needle examation left deltoid and biceps brachial showed high amplitude, long duration motor units left first dorsal interosseous showed some polyphasic of motor units right flexor carpal radial is showed high amplitude long duration motor units with reduced recruitment. Right abductor pollieis brevis showed high amplitude long duration polyphasic motor units right c6-c7 paraspinals showed reduced insertion all activity left c5-c6 showed no abnormal insertion all activity.

This is a workers comp injury but when I saw my nuerosurgeon under my health insurance he flipped and wanted to no what they said n did when scanning me and saw all this he told me it was bad and didn't no if he should even let me leave until I reminded him how last time comp made me wait a year knowing the fusion was fractured and hardware broke and since comp has them use the lowest dosages when taken scan the surgeon said he afraid what really going on in there as last time when they went in tHey found the plate bent in my neck both fusions fractured and five of six screws broke one they couldn't even get to even using some robotic machine they had to do a corpectomyy than flip me and also go in the back of the neck to. All because of a NJx comp dr screw up who kept telling everything find until I went in there screaming to get the copies of the X-rays which showed screws were broke and they were trying to hide the dr screw up took them to my and had a great team of dr fix me but now the levels above and below could be from all the hardware screws, plates, cage, rods. Any opinions would be great. My arms go paralized where I can not even move the fingers or turn the wrist it can last any where's from 10 min to couple hours and this just started in June haven't been able to see dr as comp was only allowing me to see pain mgt only but now said I can see the dr after after 11 months when symptoms have gotten so much worse. Get these sever headaches from back of neck going into head and side of head, arm pain down both arms with tingling and numbness, loss of grip strength arm weakness, plus there is l back issues.
Thanks in advance for any opinions

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