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[QUOTE=Harri3t;5475212]I have always been told that closed MRI is more accurate than open. Beyond that, I see a disturbing ethical issue with being forced to use expensive physician owned testing equipment. No patient should be forced to use a doctor's own medical testing facility. You can never be sure if the test is actually necessary or the best ,most advanced type available, when tests may just be ordered to pay it off and maximize profits.

Where to have a test done should always be a matter of your own choice. Your area's medical ethics laws and policies may even require that. Choosing a unit that sees wider use over a larger area of practice such as at a hospital makes it less likely that it will be used inappropriately and that the equipment is as up to date as possible.

I avoid all physicians that try to force the use of their own equipment as a personal preference. And if they insist I am not afraid to ask for the test order and tell them I will schedule it myself and have it done elsewhere after getting an OK from my insurance.[/QUOTE]

I did a lot of reading regarding open vs closed MRI's since I had that lumbar MRI and everything that I came across stated just as you did, closed are far superior to open.

As for ethics, I wholeheartedly agree. I would've preferred to go to a hospital of my choice but wasn't given that option. I looked up the model in his office and it's $100K, so I'm sure that unit was paid off long ago and now it's pure profit.

Now, I'm sort of in a jam because I need another lumbar MRI but my insurance won't pay for another since I they already approved and paid for the open one that I had at his office. I wish I would've researched this prior to having the open MRI done, I wouldn't be in this predicament now.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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