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Dear Donna,

First, so sorry you are in such pain and fear! I have dealt with this kind of issue for over 40 years, only mine started from an accident that crushed a leg, so my legs lengths are permanently and physically different lengths, causing permanent imbalance, stressing my my longer leg that does the most work, and constantly pinching the sciatic nerve on the right side of my buttock. This curvature 'pinches' the spine, but the curve in the spine is not the problem. The sciatic nerve runs down through the spine and through the buttock muscle where it is pinched, causing searing pain up into the back and down through the buttock and down the leg, affecting even the knee and ankle and foot joints. That cannot be fixed with back surgery!

We need a physical therapist or massage chiropractor that understands how to relieve the source of the pressure. Even with a permanent shorter leg, yes, that can be relieved. In all of the years, I have only found two physical therapists that understood how to relieve that kind of pain and does not offer shots or surgeries. I wish I still live where i could see that therapist. The other one had come down from Canada just to train therapists. But, you can learn the stretching technique yourself and perform it. It is not difficult. It just means we need to keep it up ourselves, because the cause cannot be removed.

I would NOT allow anyone to do surgery on my back and risk permanent damage unless the bone in the spine was actually broken. As long as you have all of your spine bones, therapy can relieve the pain. Surgery can do worse damage and the doctor just says OOPS. and you are left to suffer. I don't accept 'trials'. In over 40 years of this I refuse surgery and I have only had one doctor know how to do injections without causing screaming pain, which is not acceptable to me. So, I just won't do them. IMO, when doctors don't know what to do they should do nothing!

I only use deep tissue massage physical therapists and massage chiropractors to keep the pain level down. They do not do injections or surgeries. They know exactly how to relieve pressure off the sciatic nerve. We also can learn exactly how to do the relieving stretches on our own. I have found many places on the internet that describe sciatic nerve release stretches and exercises. Just do a word search. There are simple but highly effective stretches that you can do standing up and leaning your hands on a wall or laying on a bed. If they don't work, you didn't do it correctly yet. Your body needs stretched and massaged from your buttock all the way down the leg, and up through your back and shoulder. It actually is the butt muscle that pinches the sciatic nerve and causes that pain, not the curvature of the spine. My daughter got sciatic nerve pain from sitting in an office chair hours, weeks, months on end, and it was so severe she thought she needed a surgeon and would never walk again...but, it was the sciatic nerve in her butt muscle that was causing the distress, and she refused surgery and is now pain free. Were the spine itself causing the pain, the pain would radiate from the spine. But the pain is actually radiating from the buttock down the leg and up through the spine. This is not to say there is no pain where the spine curves, as yes that affects the nerve too. It just is not the true source of the problem.

You also can take hot baths with Epsom salts (which relaxes tight muscles) and then massage the buttock right where the acute pain is with your own fist. Feel around and find the pain center then with your fist press there as hard as you can, then move your fingers or fist in a small circle, and it will slowly reduce the pressure off the nerve. It is not damaging; it is releasing.

Please don't go back to a spine surgeon unless your back is actually broken, as surgery as all they know and is what they do. Also, hon, be sure to get a lift for your shorter leg and keep one in your slippers and shoes. I slip a lift into shoes or slippers as soon as I get out of bed. My son has a hard small ball that he lays his back on to massage the tight spot. I would but I cannot get up and down from the floor. There is so much you can do for yourself.

An injection does not alter the pressure on the nerve. Only IF your spine is actually broken, then seek a surgeon and even then make sure it is a minimally invasive surgeon. If your spine is not broken you can do things to take the pressure off that nerve.

Sorry that I went on and on. I hope this encourages you to relax some and do more research to understand this for yourself.

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