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I am a 68 year old relatively healthy guy with a family history of " bad backs " and have had on and off back pain for years - probably since my 20s. Occasionally I would also get soreness in my right butt cheek area.

About 10 days ago I was putting a heavy power washer on a trailer and dont really know it that was the start of my current problem or not. Anyways during the course of that day while I was powerwashing My lower back really felt sore. I took off the next day because I was feeling worse and the pain was getting more prominent in my right butt cheek area and a little lower towards the right knee.

I saw my regular doctor the next day who prescribed a 6 day dose pack of prednisone and ordered an MRI of lumbar spine. He also gave me a referral to their pain management group once the MRI results came in. The earliest they could do the MRI was 3 days later.

While waiting for the day of the MRI my butt and leg pain were getting much worse each day to the point where the pain was now extending down below the knee and to the foot both along the right side and top. I could barely walk 20 feet before the severe burning would start and I would have to take all the pressure off my right leg. Walking is almost impossible.

My MRI results came in this past Friday and here are the results:

FINDINGS: The lumbar vertebral body heights are preserved. There is
diffuse intervertebral disc desiccation with sparing of the L1-2 level.
There is diffuse loss of intervertebral disc height, most prominent at
L5-S1. The conus terminates normally at the T12-L1 level. There is
normal alignment. There is no lumbar vertebral compression fracture.
Prevertebral and paravertebral soft tissues are unremarkable.

At L1-2, there is no disc herniation. There is no spinal canal or neural
foraminal stenosis.

At L2-3, there is a small disc bulge without significant spinal canal or
neural foraminal stenosis.

At L3-4, there is bilateral facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum
thickening with central annular fissure and small disc bulge. There is no
significant spinal canal or neural foraminal stenosis.

At L4-5, there is severe bilateral facet arthropathy, right worse than
left, with bilateral facet joint effusions, ligamentum flavum thickening
and disc osteophyte complex. There is a central annular fissure. The
spinal canal is patent. There is a superimposed right neural foraminal
disc extrusion, which compresses and displaces the exiting right L4 nerve

At L5-S1, there is disc osteophyte complex with left central disc
extrusion which indents the ventral thecal sac causing mild spinal canal
stenosis and mildly displaces the left S1 nerve root. Bilateral neural
foramina are patent.

I will be contacting pain management tomorrow to see how quickly they can see me.
I really have not seen any help from the Prednisone pills or the Ibuprofen that I am taking.
This morning at 5 am I awoke with absolutely excruciating pain in back but concentrated in the right butt cheek area periformas muscle. Dont know if I moved during the night and aggravated something which caused this. If I sit I cannot put any pressure on my right butt cheek due to pain. If I stand on my left foot and let my right leg hang the burning starts almost immediately all the way down to my foot.

Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar. Could the L4 nerve be the cause of this. What can I expect???

Thank you for your time...
I am 59 years old i have had two back surgery's one in 1999 L5 S1 and my second 2015 L4. My second one I didn't bounce back as quickly. My spinal fluid sac was nicked and I had to lay flat for 3 days. Doctor saud they did clean up a bunch of scare tissues from first surgery. I had a laminectomy for both surgeries and the second they had to add screws.
Recovery was not as easy I guess I have to chalk that up to age I guesss. Here is my problem. I am having the worst nerve pain down both of my legs. This started two years afterv2nd surgery. Mild at first now its horribke. The pain can leave me paralyzed unable to move. And i am nit exaggerating. I have it worse at night. My husband has heard me cry out at night it is so bad.

I am scheduled for a bilateral EMG and also an MRI next week.

I am no novice to nerve pain,but this is the worst . It goes from my back to my butt down both sides of my legs, sometimes my knees and my calf. I have to ask for a disabled placard for long distance. When we go to ballgames I have to stand most of the time,and walk around even when it hurts.

So any advice or maybe some idea of what it could be? I heard that sciatica pain is a symptom that says there's something else goung on. Thank you kindly

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