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[QUOTE=teteri66;5488020]Welcome to the board. The symptoms you describe are typical of the symptoms caused by a spinal nerve compression. If you look online for a dermatome map, you will find a chart that will show you which area of the body is innervated by which spinal nerve. This should help you to understand where your symptoms are coming from. It will not provide a clue as to what may be causing the nerve compression!

Did you get a copy of the radiology report? If so, did it mention a spondylolisthesis? It might have been referred to as a "anterolisthesis."

What were you doing prior to the massage? Did these symptoms come on suddenly?[/QUOTE]

Hi, thank you for your response. To answer the questions in order;

I did receive a copy of the radiography report but there is no reference to spondylolisthesis or anterolisthesis. Only “signal loss noted in the L4L5 and to a lesser extent the L5S1 intervertebral discs on T2 indicating dehydration and early degenerative change. No prolapse or protrusion. The Conus is in a normal position and visualised lumbar cord of normal contour signal intensity”

Before the massage was a fairly routine day, early morning pool swim and worked at home on my laptop. Alternating between standing and sitting. The symptoms appeared the following morning, very subtle at first but have progressed and spread from just my feet initially. Right side is worst affected and particular outer leg more so than inner leg, thighs are ok but glute area etc is quite numb too. I think they ruled out emergency ie cauda equine syndrome otherwise they would have kept me in.

How would spinal compression show on MRI? Maybe the assessment is limited as it just an MRI of spine lumbar / sacral?!

Thanks again.

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