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Okay, firstly my sincere apologies for taking so long to get back to you; unavoidable but none the less I didn't mean to appear rude.

So...I've made quite a lot of progress regarding the various back pain issues. My pain management doc seems to have got his recent epidurals spot on for me, and they're coping with the general back pain issues very well.

Not so good on the lower leg issues though; All of the specialists have differing opinions about what is causing my problems, and none of them agree with each other. My GP is of the opinion that my multiple lumbar issues are the culprit, although the neurosurgeon (who was in far too much of a hurry with me) doesn't agree. He says that I wouldn't get the type of problems I have simultaneously in both legs at the same time if it were lumbar issues. My GP however thinks that with the nerves on both sides of my lumbar spine being so totally choked up, thats entirely possible?

What I do know is that of late, my lower legs go steadily numb and tingly when I sit on a hard chair for a long period. When that sets in, it doesn't subside all that quickly even if I stand up or move around. It seems to get steadily worse until I go to bed. Its always ALL cleared up in the morning, and walking or standing doesn't seem to bring it on; just sitting for a long period at my computer seems to be the trigger. I dont get cold feet to go with this, but I guess that doesn't necessarily rule out a circulation issue? (my blood flow has been checked properly and is apparently OK?) About all I do in a day is sit at my computer, until of late the dreaded symptoms drive me off! Any thoughts?

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