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History: 2 years ago, back went out while sitting on the couch... Was extremely painful to breath or move. Went to ER and they did an x-ray and said it was sciatica. Sent me home with pain pills and muscle relaxers and I was ok after a week. Had a sedentary job at the time.

1 year ago, I had a hysterectomy and once I was able to sleep on my stomach again, noticed I had lower back pain. I figured it was due to loss of abdominal tone and it got better over time.

I started a very physical job in December. I am on my feet all day for up to 10 hrs. I regularly lift 70-100 lbs and bend up and down all day.

Beginning of April, I bent down to pick something up at work and my back went out. I felt and hear something pop and it took my breath away. Co-worker noticed and told me to sit down. Pain was unbearable that evening and I went to the ER the next day. They did x-rays, gave a pain and steroid shot, sent me home with pain pills/methylprednisolone/cyclobenzaprine and told me to stay off work for 4 days. Went back to work and after working an hour, my back would swell, become stiff, and hurt. Tried to see my doctor, but they wouldn't see me because they said it was a work injury. Tried to go through my job's worker's comp but it is federal and no one wants to deal with the paperwork so there is no doctor I can see near where I live. Went to another ER and they did a CT scan.

The results say: decreased lordosis, grade 1 retrolisthesis L4-L5, disc bulge/disc osteophyte complex at L4-L5.

I feel like it was just coincidental that my back went out at work and maybe I wasn't injured there, so trying to see my doctor but find out they don't take my insurance anymore. So, I switched doctors and waiting on my new insurance card for an appt.

While I am waiting, can anyone tell me what this means and what could've possibly caused it?

Ankylosing spondilitis and spinal stenosis runs in my family. My mother has not been able to walk more than a few feet at a time (i.e. to and from the bathroom) for 20 yrs now. I am in my mid-30s and am terrified of ending up like that. Does what my CT scan showed sound like any of that?

What can I do until I can get in to the dr for pain? My meds are running out and pain patches (Tiger Balm, Icy Hot) aren't working anymore.
I do have pain that radiates down my leg, mainly my right leg. It usually stops in my buttocks, but sometimes runs into my thigh. Before I had the severe pain episode, I had noticed that my feet would get the "pins and needles" feeling very regularly, even sometimes while I was walking. This still happens. I don't have severe pain all the time now, but after I am at work for about an hour, my back becomes really stiff and feels swollen. I don't have the same range of motion at that point, either.

I do have a steady ache in my lower back and sitting or standing doesn't really help it.

One thing I didn't say in my original post was when the "injury" happened while I was bending over at work, in addition to the pain I felt that I very urgently had to defecate. This feeling did not subside until after I visited the ER and was given cyclobenzaprine.

My back also feels "bruised" when I touch it right above my tailbone. It is mainly on the right side, but slightly on the left also. There is no visible bruising from the outside.

I do try to sleep on my side now most of the time, but sometimes can't fall asleep unless I am on my stomach. I lay flat when I do sleep that way, not propped up on a pillow or anything.

I am trying to get to the dr asap and am also looking for a job that isn't so physical. My main thing is that I don't want this to progress further.

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