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I am still having a tremendous amount of leg pain(burning, shooting pain, and numbness. all goes down the back of leg and calve and radiates to the outside of foot and into toes... im just so something wrong? did I mess up? where do I go from here? what are my options? will I get better? is foraminal narrowing a form of stenosis??



MRI of lumbar with and without contrast

Comparison: MRI of the lumbar spine dated 02 JAN 19

L2-L3: Disc Desiccation and mnild height loss. Small broad-based disc bulge. No significant facet arthropathy. No spinal canal or significant neural foraminal narrowing.

L4-L5: Mild disc desiccation and height loss. Broad-based disc bulge with central, left paracentral disc protrusion. The disc touches the left L5 nerve root in the lateral recess. Overall, no significant spinal canal narrowing. Mild bilateral left greater than right neural foraminal narrowing. Left laminotomy site changes. Post Contrast enhancement is noted within the laminotomy site and posterior soft tissues as well as surrounding the left :5 nerve root in the lateral recess. There is also enhancement of the L5 nerve root above this level.

L5-S1: Disc desiccation and height loss with small broad-based disc bulge. Central, left paracentral disc protrusion which touches the left S1 nerve root iin the lateral recess without significant impingement. Overall, no significant spinal canal with mild caudal neural foraminal narrowing, left greater than right. Left laminotomy changes with enhancement within the surgical bed. There is some enhancement around the left S1 nerve root in the lateral recess.

1. Interval new left L4-L5 and L5-S1 laminotomy changes with postcontrast enhancement within the surgical site and extending to the lateral recesses. This is most significant at the L4-L-5 surrounding the L5 nerve root consistent with granulation tissue. There is also abnormal enhancement of the L5 nerve root above this level suggestive of nerve root inflammation.

2. Residual central, left paracentral disc protrusions at L4-L5 and L5-S1 with some impingement upon the left L5 and S1 Nerve roots. No significant spinal canal narrowing.

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