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I had random neurological issues. At one point my husband thought I had something like multiple sclerosis. (Facial numbness, twitching, feeling like a body part is vibrating, sensations of hot or cold water running on a leg or arm.) But nothing lasts for more than a few seconds. And usually happen for a day or two then gone and not return)
No family history, my mom's hip had necrosis which was caused by chemo for cancer. She was old enough for replacement.
I didn't know what was causing the hip or back pain which is why I talked to my gp. Which led me to xrays and MRI and a neuro, now therapy and possibly an orthopedic dr in the future.
I do not have any foot issues that I know of
the hip xray did show the pelvic ring was asymmetrical and the radiology report said possibly developmental.
Any way I look at it I think I will be dealing with back and hip problems for the rest of my life..

I can completely relate. A orthopedic has done the exact same thing to me. How do you know what doctor to pick? You can look at reviews, but many do not have any or very many at all. The ones that do there is always some unfavorable ones mixed in. I picked up my last MRI report yesterday myself(they will not release it to a patient for a week), because I too had the disc but not a report. After looking at the disc I was suspicious of the images I saw. I asked had he seen such and such MRI, there were two. oh yeah. He says, You have this or that as visible on an xray, but paid no attention to the MRI. How do I know where they finished in their class and if they are a good doctor? I live in an area that is supposed to have some of the best medical care too, makes no difference in finding the "right" doctor. If I don't get better from the pain and numbness I am in, I will need to get another opinion. I just don't know where. It is driving me insane looking online. I wish someone would tell me. I will pray for you, me, all of us.

Here are the results of my MRI.

The MRis: I do have herniated discs and narrowing in both areas, neck and back. Also the one in the neck c5-c6 is definitely making contact with ventral cervical cord. mild canal stenosis and severe/moderate left neural foraminal stenosis. c6-c7 Annular fissure in high intensity zone.
The low back L4-L5 2.7 mm right paracentral/foraminal subligamentous herniated disc, narrowing of the proximal right neuroforamen and mild canal stenosis. Sigh.
Dear God, please be with Froggie83 and myself, with all that need healing. Please lay your healing hands on us and let us not forget your love for each of us or forget to have faith. In Jesus name, Amen

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