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Good morning
i have never gone to a forum, but after dealing with my issues for over 8months now, i can see how they could help a person while waiting for the next appointment or step. My journey to this point has been 8 months and started out as what i thought were just hemorrhoids. I tried to treat myself of course, i basically tried everything you could get OTC. (still have a pharmacy under my sink/cabinet) I do exercise and noticed that it started to get worse and the symptoms started to change. I could no longer continue to treat this at home. (sitz baths, ibuprofen, naproxen) i even tried stretches. I made my annual well woman check up and went on July 3rd. After my usual exam i told her my symptoms i was dealing with: severe pain in the rectum, felt like a knife cutting me, and then terrible pain for hours after having a BM. She did a rectal exam and said there were no hemorrhoids and referred me to a Gastroenterolgist. I went to see him on July 19th. By this time i could no longer go to my office, because the pain was so bad, and i was simply a little embarrassed about the location. After my consultation,he checked for hemorrhoids,and said i did not have any.He then ordered a colonscopy to be done. This came out clear, and i dont have to get another one for 10 years. I mentioned my tailbone hurting as well, and he suspected that was the problem and that i needed to see an orthopedic. so i went back to PC and they ordered an MRI on the pelvic area. It showed a few issues. i went back to my gynecologist, she thought maybe my retroflexed enlarged uterus could be putting pressure on my rectum since it was so close to it. I have needed to have a hysterectomy for a few years and just was not mentally ready. But i was tired and just wanted some sort of relief. After my gynecologist reviewed the MRI she said she wanted me to see a spine dr before they would do it. and i would have to have abdominal due to the size of uterus and the fact i had a lot of scar tissue from previous 3 csections. saw a orthopedic and reviewed the MRI and ordered me to have a ganglion impar block and to start taking gabapentin. which i did.. impar block seemed to help for about 5 days.. did not get much for my money on that one. Had the hysterectomy on the 24th of september, and of course still recovering. I had follow up appt with orthopedic a week after surgery.. had new MRI results on my back. He did not offer much and was very quick. i left with being told i needed a steroid injection and a bone spect/CT however i cannot have a steroid injection until i heal completely. I am still hurting and if i have to go to the restroom, i am in terrible pain...yes my tailbone still hurts, and i use a coccyx pillow for any sitting that i can do. Here is my latest MRI results.. keep in mind i no longer have a uterus or anything in there, and my Dr. told me unfortunately that was not going to be the culprit to my pain. ugh.. i did know that it was possible going in, but still needed the hysterectomy.
Cysts suspected in Right kidney: Disc desiccation and moderate disc height loss is seen at L4 L5 with surrounding discogenic enplate changes.A more rudimentary L5-S1 disc space is noted. Trace facet effusion at left L4 L5.
Posterior central disc extrusion tracking below the level of the disc space spanning 13 MM raniocaudal extent measuring 7.5MM APx29MM transverse. This narrows the thecal sac to 8.5 MM with contact of the descending right greater than left L5 roots (series 8 images 28 -29) mild facet arthrosis, disc height loss and foraminal disc components contribute to the mild righ and moderate left neural foraminal stenosis with disc material contacting the extiting left L4 nerve root.
Small disc bulges seen L3 L4 with mild facet arthrosis at L3 l4.
This was the MRI on the Back.. the one on the pelvis showed some of the same but maybe worded differently. The back MRI did not show my coccyx bone which is what i am suspecting is the problem... i cannot continue to feel this way. I just want my normal life back that i had at the beginning of this year. I want to play with my grandkids.. i am 47 years old and not over weight. Has anyone experienced something like this? can my pain with BM and in the rectal area be caused from my back? because that is where they are targeting?

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