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Thank you for your replies. The pain is lumbar above the previous herniation which was L 4-5. This is above that Iím guessing where I learned not long ago is a moderate disc bulge but itís different pain, & doesnít go down my leg. Sharp pain. I have a very long history of back problems, all blood tests are always done, I always recognize muscular problems, this pain started right on my spine in the center, my low back swells so bad they can see it and it feels like Iím laying on a pillow. I have flat back syndrome, stenosis, arthritis in facet joints, and SI joints, and some nerve damage in my back that causes one leg weakness. I canít work, as sitting, standing, walking bending too much causes pain and more problems. The pain that came on is a sharp pain center of back that spreads out to my hips. Last time I had an MRI and doctor said no fracture, etc. A year later my APM doctor tells me I have a moderate bulging disc that area, and was surprised nobody told me, this is above a disc herniation I had surgery on years ago, different disc. This feels like the same pain same area again, I canít figure out why they canít find out what it is. I had every single symptom of a fracture the first time it happened and no diagnosis and couldnít sit without severe pain immediately coming on, and it took months to get better. This time the pain was just as bad, came on just as fast, same treatment, no diagnosis again, so Iím always treated for something theyíre not sure what it is. The swelling only started going down when I asked for steroid course as the stuff in the ER did nothing for swelling. I had months to lay and research what was wrong the first time and the ONLY thing that came up every time, was a fracture, and I read story after story of people who had ones that couldnít sit, and fractures missed for months. Iím just frustrated because i am still having trouble sitting for 5 minutes, same old story with them finding nothing. Thank you for your help

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