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Well....I am a wet blanket! Having gone through four lumbar surgeries over the space of about ten years, after having visited probably about 15 spine surgeons (lost count) , etc..., and being fused from L3-S1, I can only offer you some practical advice!

First, you donít say how old you are...but I am guessing fairly young (at least from my perspective!). I can only suggest you think about what you want to be able to do in life in the future! (Not immťdiate short term). What quality life do you want in a decade or two? I know almost no one who had just one back surgery.

After my first two surgeries, (the very first fused L4-5), where I was given no guidance and the very cheery ďoh, you can go ahead and do whatever you want...Ē I began working with a couple non-western/non traditional technicians who focused on body mechanics, kinesiology, structural alignment, etc. Spine surgeons know very little beyond their specialized training falling between the neck and sacral area...and, furthermore, arenít all that interested.

I think, if you simply rely on the optimistic words your surgeon is giving you, it may work for awhile...but Iíd be amazed if you arenít setting yourself up for lots of misery down the road.

Even with a micro-discectomy, it can take up to a year for the damaged disc to heal and to set up strong and gain some toughness...kind of like scabbing over. Prior to this complete healing, you run a greater risk of reinjuring the area. I will also mention that with each subsequent injury, particularly if you have had sciatic pain, the nerve itself can become scarred as it can develop scar tissue just like the herniated or bulging disc.

Iím not saying give up what you love doing. I would just urge you to be thoughtful, donít necessarily take what your surgeon tells you at face value and think about your life beyond the next couple years!

Also I donít know anyone who recovered from major back surgery in 12 weeks time. That is absurd! Youíre over the initial recovery...but far from having complete energy back, far from having healing completed!

If you go to India, be sure you get up often and walk up and down the aisles of the plane. Sitting for more than 30-45 minutes, is detrimental to healing!

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