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:confused: lumbosacral spine x-rays-fairly advanced bilateral degenerative facet arthropathy at L5-S1 spinal bifida occulta at frist sacral segment.cervical spine-mild degenerative disc changes are noted atC4-C5 C6-no sigificant posterior endplate spuring.mild to moderate unconvertebral spurring bilaterally at C5-C6-C7 on the evidence of fracture,please clinically correlate for cervical radiculopathy.5 months latter mri done on cervical spine there are degenerative changes of cervical spine most promptly at C5-C6 disk level where there is disk space narrowing and deng.changes at vertable endplates with anterior as well as posterior and unconvertable spur formation with most prominent left side unconvertable spur and disk protusion and narrowing of the leftC5-C6 neural foramen.smaller unconvertable spurring and disk protusion also noted at the C3-C4-C5 levals mild encrotchment on the left C4-C5 neurel foraman.mri of lumbar spine mild deg.disk dehydration at L5-S1,mild broaldy bulging disk more pronouncedon left posteriorly at L5-S1 level that slightly deforms the left side of the ventral sac.possible small annular tear and slight deformity of the ventral sac on the left.then it says not noted above are moderately severe facet arthritic changes at L5-S1 level and moderate facet degenerative changes at the L4-L5 level emg normal but bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome nsc- prolonged bilateral motor+sencory median nerve distal latencies.i have high blood pressure and high choleseral on valium and wellburten physical theraphy 3 times a week always in pain everything i do aggravates it,legs turn purple if i stand or sit to long .i have been having trigger point enjectoins have to get all 3.when i see rhumotology waiting on results .excactly what does all this mean am i disabilitilitay :confused:

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