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Hi Brooke:

The reason I said pt. is not for everyone is because there are some people who do not heal as fast as others on the inside and it hurts them even more when they do certain exercises. I got this from a physical therapist who was named therapist of the year in 1998. Also you have to be very careful when you start seeing a therapist. You need to make sure that they are experienced at working with spinal fusion patients and know what they are doing. I had a terrible experience with a therapy center who had never worked with spinal fusion patients before and really set me back in my recovery by having me do exercises that were not supposed to be done until you were 6 months postop. I found that out a week after doing them. It was partly my fault as I should have asked them about their experiences with spinal patients. Instead I trusted them and they failed me.

I am glad you are taking it a little easier now. Even though my surgery was July 9th ,and to me seems like a long time ago I still have to be careful about overdoing things because I sure pay for it later.


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