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[QUOTE=oakleygirl]Hello all-

If anyone reads the good fusion outcomes post, tell david to post here. It just takes FOREVER to download that post with my rinky-dink internet provider.


Hi O'Girl
I noticed that you cannot download from Good Fusion Outcomes and so copied this here for you as well.

Originally Posted by camelia
Hi David - I had to go back & check that you had fusion surgery - & you did!! even had bone taken from your iliac crest!! You just sound so well already & seem very relaxed about everything - good for you! 3 flights of stairs too - I'm concerned about the 1 flight we have in our loft
Where did you have the fusion & why didnt they use BMP?
Did you have an Interbody fusion or a posterolateral fusion?
How long was the actual surgery & did you give blood prior to the op?
Hope you have a chance to read & answer my questions
best wishes for your continuing good recovery

Hi Camelia
Don't worry about the stairs at your loft. They had me do plenty of practice before they let me loose and there was little pain even at that point in time.

I assume that I had a 'Posterior lumbar interbody fusion' by the sounds of it. The 'official' explanation on a letter that I have from the Health Region states that I had quote "L5-S1 spinal decompression and fusion with instrumentation with left iliac crest bone graft" unquote. My doctor simply told me that he went in through my back from an older surgery site and inserted two titanium rods with 8 screws and the bone from my hip. One of the nurses was surprised that I didn't have two surgery sites as she said a lot of doctors have a separate incision for the bone graft versus the fusion. However, my surgeon apparently prefers to use one long (8" I am told" incision and do everything from the one site.

As long as the actual length of surgery, I was wheeled in at 7:45 and wheeled out at 11:15. So I assume it was around 3 hours roughly.

I went in for pre-op a week before surgery but they did not take any blood ahead of time. Apparently, I did lose a lot of blood during surgery. The day after surgery, Thursday, they had me stand at the side of the bed for about 10 minutes without doing any walking, while they changed my sheets. The next day, Friday, the PT had me use a walker to get to the end of the wing. Then she got called away and she told me to go ahead and make it back on my own and that I shouldn't have any problems. WRONG! I got all the way back to the door of my room when the room started spinning and I could feel myself starting to collapse. My bed was about 8 feet away and I basically tossed the walker and made a last ditch effort to get to my bed, where I collapsed. A nurse saw me and yelled for help and they got me settled back in and then told me it was probably because of the large amount of blood that I had lost and my body was still weak. It could have been a lot worse if I had fallen on the floor, but I didn't. I assume the PT got a tongue lashing.

As far as the bone graft goes, everybody told me that it would be much more painful than the fusion site. However, I have not found that at all. I don't feel any pain whatsoever from the site where they took the bone graft.

I am doing so much better again today than I was yesterday. I am starting to feel it in my lower back from sitting here and so will have to close this soon, but I am recovering at a much much higher rate than I had anticipated. I am not trying to push it though and am just taking it slow and easy.

If you want answers to any other questions, shoot away.


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