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I injured my back last year around this time and after months of Severe pain down my leg, my leg pain finally got better after a few months. Eventhough I no longer had any leg pain I still had a sharp pain in my hip when I attempted to do certain exercises. The Dr. told me that my sciatic nerve was still being pinched( but why had my leg quit hurting?) and I should go ahead and do the surgery. I did the surgery around last Febuary. Basically no leg pain now and no more sharp hip pain when I exercise. But now my hip is very sore just like I've had a shot.Also in the mornings I feel very stiff. I find myself getting out of bed very slowly and carefully. Sometime if I move the wrong way there is a sharp pain. But after I get up and go for a walk the stiffness sorta wears off. The hip pain is more noticable when I push in on it. I read in a back book that said the ligaments are very slow to heal. I've done exercises, therapy, hot, cold and it doesnt want to go away. I'm afraid I have permantly damaged something by walking on it when I should have been in bed for 2-3 months. I have an appointment with my DR this week. Any advise or anyone with comments would be appreciated. I also went to a Chiropractor last week and he said my hip on that side was out of place. He supposedly got it back in but I'm not totally convinced it was out.Still sore. I know I use to have a habit of especially in the mornings, swinging my leg over and pop my back, sorta like they do. Well, since the surgery it no longer will pop. Good or bad?

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