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Sorry for not responding right away. Usually, I get a messsage that tells me that someone has responded to my message but this time I didn't.
I think I know what your problem is. I, too have a problem at the L5-S1 level. A year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with a right paracentral herniated disc there. I have been to hell and back. Been out of work a year. Also, have a tear in my L4-L5 disc. Hard to sit for long periods of time. Also, can barely carry my handbag with increased discomfort. I have pain in my mid/low back. Have tightness in my right buttock, side of my thigh, front of the beginning of my thigh. I also have occasional tingling in the side of my thigh, front of my thigh, side of my calf and foot. It appears that you have similar signs as me. If I were you, I would get another MRI. It may be possible that your bulge has gotten bigger and is now a herniated disc. You can also get this kind of tightness with a bulge. YOu also may have another bulge in another level (don't mean to scare you). If it were me, I would rather want to know what is going on in there than not know.
My left foot is shorter because the right muscles around the hip region are shorter and tight. The therapist should be doing some massage on you to get rid of the spasms which is the tightness you are experiencing. I don't know why they don't want to do massage. Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds all the skeletal muscles in our bodies. Myofascial pain syndrome is when it tightens up because of any injury to an area like a herniated disc. There is a way to relax this with massage.
Currently, I am going to a chiropractor that specializes in active release to treat the tight muscles. After he is done, my legs are the same length so I know in my case, it is muscular and not skeletal meaning my bones. YOu also have to do a lot of stretching as I stated in my last message. I had two epidural injections and one facet block injection that helped a lot with the tightness. I don't know if you would be a candidate for that.
In my case, the disc is out of it's normal position and is touching a nerve root. This is causing my tightness and pain. I think that the herniation has gotten better but the chronic spasms have been left behind. So hopefully they will relax by the chiropractic services.
I hope this has helped you. Sounds like you need to get to a good practioner who can really do some hands on stuff with you.

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