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This all started about 1 month ago. I had lower back pain and pelvic pain. Diagnosis, an ovarian cyst, partially collapsed. The lower back pain and pelvic pain subsided and now I have this pain in my upper back. It is sometimes a little hard to breathe. I never had any type of back pain before this.

Could the upper back pain be caused by the partially collapsed cyst? I always figure the worst and can't imagine what it might be. My doctor just prescribed a muscle relaxant and an anti inflamatory. They're not helping much but I've only been taking them for a little under a week.

The cause of this upper back pain? Coincidence...or??

Thanks for your take on this.
I have pain in the upper back and find it hard to breathe often, but it's because of a herniated disc in the cervical spine!! Have you had any injury etc to that area? Or it could just be muscle spasms if you've been stressed alot lately! Those are the only things I can think of!! I can't see a cyst in the lower affecting the upper, but I suppose anything's possible! Have you thought of having an MRI on the upper half to see if there's anything going on in there?? Might be a good idea, take care!
Hi busymommy. I had two ovarian cysts rupture about 1 1/2 years ago. My guess (and it just a guess from experience) is that the upper back pain is due to overuse of those muscles because your low back and ovaries have not been feeling well. If it continues it might be worth looking into with a MRI to make sure there is nothing else, but during my ovarian disaster, I had a lot of tension and spasms in my upper back. Muscle relaxers are the best for this. And stretches. One thing that was a great piece of advice from my physical therapists is not to try and sit with "correct posture." The more I hurt the more I tried to make sure I was sitting up straight because I thought slouching would make everything worse. His advice was to sit whatever way was most comfortable and usual for me. I went back to slouching and rest adn things began to get better. Sometimes those muscles just need a little after you have had to depend on them a little more lately. I wish you the best of luck and hope your pain is gone soon!! Have a wonderful day.
Thanks, out2lunch and ribbit. Your replies were very much appreciated. Well, the pain is getting better, I'm glad to say. Not gone, but better. Who knows exactly what the cause was/is, but the muscle relaxant and Vioxx are helping, I believe. For the past four days, we were out of town and pretty much "relaxing." The pain was pretty much non-existent during those days. Today, back to my usual and customary duties and I did some fairly heavy lifting (of shopping bags with my purchases!), the pain is back (so to speak). I am going to continue for another week with the muscle relaxant and Vioxx and if the pain is not completely gone, I'll ask for an MRI.

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