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Ladyintheglen, I agree with Acme! You definitely have to keep pushing til you get the answers you need and that satisfy you!!
I'd definitely stay away from injections though, when you already have nerve problems!! I had a pain management dr give me botox injections once, and he hit a nerve!!! Oh my god!! The pain I went through from that!!!
I do have a question for you though!!! How did you come to know that you have PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE??
I've been told that I have sciatica, which I knew 'cause I have all the radiating symptoms for it! It's been 7yrs now and my drs don't seem all that concerned about it!! I on the other hand, am very concerned about it becoming permanent nerve damage, and believe that it probably already is!! I have herniated discs in the cervical and lumbar discs, and therefore have constant pain in the hips and legs, along with the numbness/tingly feet! My hands go numb often too but I don't really have pain in my arms!
I was wondering if there's a test, other then an EMG to find out for sure?? I've had 2 EMGs (one on the arm and the other on the leg) and they both came back fine! But, then I was told that unless they hit every nerve in my body, it's so easy to miss the effected nerve!!
I just keep trying to push for answers 'cause I'm not satisfied with "just living with it" either!! I've just run out of ideas as to where to go from here!
Take care!!

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