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Re: Tomorrow
Dec 4, 2003
[COLOR=Red][B][CENTER]Hello :wave: StarAngel,[/CENTER][/B]

[INDENT]I sure can relate to the nerve pain in the legs. I am not sure if all of it is nerve pain as some of it may be muscle pain with me. I have been taking Topamax for the nerve pain. I also take Zanaflex at night and pain management just increased my dose from 4mg to 8mg. Sometimes my legs just do not want to work properly and it is a very scary feeling. I get pain in both legs and in the front and back of legs. Prior to my surgery I had sciatica in my right leg and the pain was so much different then what it is now. I only experienced pain in the back of the leg. Then I also have this archilles tendinitis in both heels and this only makes matters worse. But guess what....My daughter has the day off from work and I am going to attempt to do some Christmas shopping. I haven't been doing to much walking and that is not making things any better. So maybe if I do push myself just a little because I really don't have a choice in the matter since the holiday is approaching, hopefully I will get stronger. Since I do not have to drive I can take my pain medication if needed. But if I do that, I might spend to much

I agree that some of us take longer to heal. Since we have to suffer so, I pray that it was worth it. I hope that we have better days in store for us.[/INDENT]

[B][CENTER] :bouncing: Have a great day :bouncing: [/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]

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