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Second Surgery
Dec 7, 2003
I am 32 years old & I had a lumbar laminectomy/discectomy at L5 S1 8 years ago. & I am now back to even worse pain than I ever had before. I recently saw a Dr. who ordered an MRI. Got the MRI back. The Dr says the same disc has larger herniation. He thinks he can get it with a shot. I say okay..... No dice. It did nothing at all. Ive been on disability for the most awful sciatica pain I have ever had in my life & have an appt for another shot at the end of the month. He says if the shot does not work I would have to have a spinal fusion. I have lost control of my bowel on several ocassions. & I have a drop foot on the left. & Sciatica is creeping to my right leg as well. Now I am on perkocet for pain every 4 hours. Which sort of helps because it binds me up. But gives you a false sense of hope cause you think your better than you are. I see a surgeon for his opnion this Thursday. Has anyone else reading this board ever had a similar situation happen? Im wondering why they didnt get the majority of the 'disc juice' on the surgery 8 years ago. I suppose the Dr. will be able to tell me that this Thursday. From what I remember the recovery wasnt too bad from the laminectomy surgery & I only stayed in the hospital one night. I just cant take the pain & not being able to drive or walk or do anything.... Im happy to have found this board though I dont quite know how to use it yet. I have an appt at the end of the month for another try at the shot (keeping fingers crossed)......

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