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I don't really know if I have permanent damage yet. I'm sure I do cause I have a history of back problems. Yours could just be a slight bulging disc. I would definetely get it checked with an MRI though just to see if there is any degeneration or something that can be helped now and you can get yourself on a good exercise regimen to refrain from future problems. Believe me, you definetely want to nip it in the but if you can. Sleeping on your stomache is the absolute worse though. Good luck to ya. Hope you find some good answers.
[QUOTE=Himes]WOW! I hope mine isn't a major thing. It's weird, like right now as I sit here at work, I am okay. I will feel a slight pinch every so often, but for the most part, it's fine. All day yesterday was fine too, then at night, it started up as I went to lay down. I sleep on my stomach, and thats when it bothers me the most. Weird. I have never had any back problems before. Let me ask you this, do you have any permanent damage b/c of what happened to you? Are you okay now?[/QUOTE]

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