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Re: My neck cracks!
Dec 12, 2003
[QUOTE=Leanea]For the past five years the upper left side of my back is not feeling right. I will often tilt my head to the right so the left side of my neck cracks a few times and feels like a release of stress....until I have to do it again after five minutes! I went to a physical therapist two years ago and she just told me that "nodules" have formed and there's nothing I can do about it except excersices and massage (which I can't afford everyday of my life).

I do the excersises everyday like the doc said to, but my neck still cracks and it feels like something's just wrong. It tenses up constantly for no reason and it feels numb or burning alot. Its really painful and it causes me stress, but I don't know what to do.

Any ideas about what it could be and what might help? BTW I do think massage help temporarily, but I would need it everyday, plus I prefer a permanent solution. Thanks![/QUOTE]

Hi Leanea, I had a discectomy W/fusion of C6-7 in 1985 with great success. Although I was never really without pain, things were good. My neck started to crack in 1987 causing some pain and some very bizzar sensations, each and every time it popped. Thru phisio, pt and stetching I managed to make a couple of lower (just below the cracking part) vertibrea crack on demand, giving me great relief. I found out I had reverse lordosis in my cervicle spine and that it is extremely important to maintain proper posteur at all times. I understand there can be many different reasons for the cracking, although most are from some sort of degenerative condition.
Anyway a long story short is that in 97 I lost the ability of self cracking (loss of better words) and the pain began escalating at an alarming rate. C5-6 was ruptured and I finally had surgery in 2000. I my opinion cracking is good, its when it stops cracking that you want to watch out. At the present time my neck cracks, pops, grinds and hurts all the time. I would suggest maintaining a phisical regime, be it massage, phisio or chiro as long as posible befor ever considering surgery. Permanent is not the way to go unless absolutely required. I hope this helps and good luck .

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