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Hi everyone,

As many of you know, I decided not to have a laminectomy. Instead, I had a less invasive MISS surgery called a transfacet-laminoforaminoplasty at left L5 nerve root. I'm just 4 weeks post-surgery. Here's how I feel:

1) The nerve pain in the left leg is mostly gone, though there's still some tingling. However, the limp is gone! Can walk with both feet going straight forward, and do a real heel-toe walk.

2) Muscle spasms in the left buttock (along the coccyx) have caused a lot of trouble. Microspine prescribed a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen for that, and that helps tremendously (pain went from an 8 to a 2 with the first pill). My recommendation to anyone having lumbar surgery is to obtain 1) a small lumbar pillow for use when sitting, and 2) a walker, which will allow you to use your arms to get up from a seated position. I'm convinced that my muscle problems were caused by using the muscles in my legs and hips incorrectly in the first few days after surgery as I was trying to guard the surgery site.

3) Incision is completely healed and is just a faint purple line.

4) Shopped at a Super Walmart AND a grocery store on Sunday - about 2.5 hours on my feet. Haven't done that in well over a year.

5) I did not realize how weak I had become over the last year. I have a lot of work to do in getting back muscle tone in the left leg.

6) I am now aware of minor S1 nerve pain in the left leg. I hardly noticed it before because the L5 nerve pain was so much more intense. I suspect I will need to have another decompression surgery for S1 in a few years.

7) Still sleeping a good deal, which is, I think, my reaction to the muscle relaxer medication and my body's way of healing. In between naps I am back to working on the computer 4-5 hours a day.

8) Am driving now with no problems.

All in all, a pretty good report! I'm certainly feeling better emotionally because now [B]I'm working towards recovery[/B], not just standing still with my life.


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