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Stillwater --

I was just reading over some of your past messages, and noticed that you learned, at some point, about having scoliosis and were surprised that you hadn't heard about it earlier.

If you haven't already, you should try to get your hands on the radiologist's report from your MRI(s) and/or xrays. These reports are quite detailed, and the radiologist will specifically say whether certain things have been found. For example, my xray report for the lateral and oblique views says "No lithesis. No spondylolysis. Slight loss of disc space at L2-3, L4-5. Anterior superior endplate schlerosis L3, L4, anterior inferior L4, anterior superior L5 sclerosis and spurs...." For the pelvic views, it says "Right greater than left acetabular sclerosis."

Of course, you'll need access to a medical dictionary to interpret all this stuff! But, the point is, these reports are detailed and specific, unlike the surgeons (or, unlike the surgeons I have seen). These reports are about you and you have the right to see them and have a copy. It is best to call the facility where you had the xrays and/or MRI performed; you will have to sign a release form, and maybe pay a small fee (though my local hospital gave me everything at no charge; all they wanted was a picture ID).

I hope this helps. Maybe it will give you a little more information about your condition and make you feel more in charge when you get back face-to-face with the surgeon.

All the best,

I do have the reports of the MRI, CT scan, EMG, and ECT. In fact I still have the films themselves. I didn't return them the last time I took them to this same Dr. I am supposed to take them with me when I go for the next app't. They've all been done in the past year. I do not have a copy of the report of the xray this last surgeon ordered (where they had me bend different ways). If I remember correctly they may have all shown scoliosis, but the last xray showed more clearly the extent of it. I'll look tonight and see how the other reports worded it. I just wonder why through all the years, with exams, no Dr noticed it or mentioned it.

Thanks for the reminder to have all this in mind when I go.


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