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[QUOTE=magnetlady45]Hi Shauna:
Just joined in on this thread today Jan.4th. Stop, I repeat stop the physical therapy! Do not go back! There is no way you should be doing any bending or twisting at this stage of the game. I had the same problem with a physical therapist having me do these exercises at 6 weeks post op. They had absolutely no idea what they were doing. They had never worked with a spinal fusion before. I changed therapist, went to see one who was voted top therapist in our state and he said that I should have never been told to do those exercises. We backed down on p.t and after two weeks stopped altogether. He told me that there are quite a few people who cannot do any exercises except walking or bicycling and that included me. I don't remember how far along you are postop but swelling occurs especially when your body has overdone things. I am almost 6 months post op now and am doing pretty good. I have a thread that I started a while back called 4 months post op. You may want to read it.

Hello Christi ! Dr told me to start therapy again - went for the first time since i stopped Friday - she asked me if i was doing the twist at the waist exercises and i told her no and that i was doing them . She asked why and i explained to her that i am not suppose to be doing anykind of twisting - she said that was ok . I got three more times before i go back to the dr and i am hoping that he does not send me back . Friday after i went- i was so sore and was up all night long - tried to talk my dr into not wanting me to go but i had no luck at that . He kept saying that my muscles need to be worked back to normal again - in order for them to support my back . I have noticed that if i over do it a little then i do hurt more . It will be two monthes on the 11th since i have had my surgery .Everything is going ok except for the one part of the back incision . Thanks for your input ! It has helped . Shauna

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