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About 4 years ago I injured my lower back at the gym, I heard a tearing sound when it happened. My legs went a bit weak and I couldnt bend over when it happened. At the hospital casualty I was assured there was nothing to worry about and that I'd probaly just strained something so I should just relax and take it easy for a few weeks. I was given some painkillers.
However the pain keeps returning usually after lifting or an uncomfortable night's sleep. It isnt an acute pain but it is an uncomfortable ache that starts in my lower back and runs down the left side of my body to my foot, hence this side of my body feels quite numb and weak. The ache even is in my left testicle, which seems strange - i was wondering if this is perhaps a nerve injury ? Has this happened to anybody else ?
The doctors at the time couldnt offer sufficient advice - I am going to go back for a second opinion because, contrary to what they say, it hasn't cleared up after 4 years and I am worried that this may get worse as I get older - Im still only 24, so I dont want this problem to continue worrying me and preventing me from doing the things I enjoy.


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