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i got a check in the mail, i thought would be my regular check but it is different. it says permanent partial, what is this and what does it mean? i am on workers comp. i dont no why it isnt temporary total,before my treating physician released me, i had a appointment with a neurosurgeon, who wants another mri taken first, before he does anything else. i still hurt the same as i did before my doctor released me. i dont no what i can do! should i get a lawyer? and what would it cost? i really think im getting screwed over. cant seem to find out whats wrong with my back. i posted my diagnosis codes a few days ago. im still waiting to see if they will authorize my mri. have done had one with no results.but why r they sending a chech that says permanent partial?,also after i receive my percentage that my doctor (who released me) gave me, am i entitled to any other settelment? the doctor has allready said i cant go back to my original job. please help if u can. i stay depressed all the time now and i hurt all the time, i cant sleep, i worry, and i stay tired and weak all the time, seems to me the doctors see im only 23 y0, and wont do anything, tried to get meds, and need! meds but they wont write them. i dont know what to do, cant find a doctor to see me, because the other doctor couldnt find anything major wrong. the only test ive had was a mri, i think i have nerve damage, where they have waited so long to find out whats wrong, i stay cold all the time now, espescially my feet. if anyone has a comment or question it would be appreciated. :confused: thanks, djpmrp, west virginia

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