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[QUOTE=hawks066]What a great thread!!! I also went through 2 surgeries. First one was Jan 13, 2003 and the second was Feb 19, 2003. First one done using the MED process, came out in great shape, not really even incision pain because of the MED discectomy process. Things got worse at 2 weeks. Kept getting worse and landed in the ER one night because the pain was so bad. A pain level that I thought wasn't reachable. Nonetheless I waited until my post op visit, although I made many phone calls about my issues in the 5 weeks, and told the doc what was happening. He ordered an immediate MRI that night, and suggested that he goes back in if the MRI comes back showing more disc or what not. So I went through the 2nd. Went through major anxiety and mild depression because of our new house finishing being built soon, and the fact that my wife was due with our baby boy 2 weeks after my surgery. Just worried that I would never be able to maintain my current job and wouldn't be able to pay bills.
Things have worked out pretty well. I'm not perfect, and I do get pain every now and then in my left leg if I over do it, but it's pain that I can handle easily and work with it. It doesn't get worse, it goes away everytime. I am a cable technician, so I have to climb poles, bend, squat, etc. Going through 2 surgeries in a short time will lengthen the healing process quite a bit. Honestly it took almost a good 6 months to feel well, and a year to feel very good. I still deal with issues, my right leg has been giving me some issues now, just a weird feeling in it. Not so much pain, but every now and then it can be painful. I saw another doc about this 2 weeks ago and he said it can be common to get pain in the opposite leg after surgery. He wasn't to worried about it, and I'm not either at this point because I don't even want to think about another surgery until I have too, lol. When the weird feeling in the right leg comes on, then I just don't do things to trigger it. Really only when I arch my back on certain days is what will trigger the right leg issues. Oh well.

I've improved and would say I am about a 90 %. That is fine with me. I've gotten over the fact that I would be "normal" again. As long as I can work and support my family, that's all the matters at this point.

Good Luck to you Joe. Give it time. You went through 2 pretty major surgeries in a month. You will take a year to recover, and the last surgeon I talked to said I even have possibly a few good months left to recover because of having 2 surgeries 5 weeks apart. I stewed about things for awhile, but it's really not worth it, and I have worked past it.[/QUOTE]

Hi Hawk, WOW .. we could be twins .. lol .. Its my right leg though .. I know what you mean as far as the pain level was .. just after the first surgery I started feeling the pain within two days .. it felt like someone was trearing my calf apart with a knife and felt as my ankle was broken .. I also had depression couldn't sleep ... anxiety level was off the chart as was the pain .. I drove my wife cazy .. I called my Dr and she thought it was withdrawel from the morphine I had been taking for so long and this triggerd the nerve to simulate pain .. this was not the case... I pushed for the new MRI and there it was .. reherniated ... Christmas last year was the pits as well as my b'day I had the MRI on January 8th and surgery January 9th .. the 2nd surgery beat the heck out of me because I didn't have the rest I needed pain> I was much weaker the 2nd time. It was also very hard to stand for anyamount of time .. thats behind me now and I also fear a 3rd surgery .. accupunchure is my nest step .. My pain left my right side again lastnight and moved from my leg and hip to a pain in my lower back and butt cheek and then after a while it went away .. went to bed painfree and woke up again with the normal pain .. no idea what to make of that at all .. its hard to sit at the edge of the bed in the morning and you know when your feet hit the floor there will be pain .. anyway .. Coingratulations on the baby .. and the new home .. well .. was the baby a boy or girl? my kids are 21 and 23 this summer .. the girl is the eldest .. both in school .. doing very well .. they left the nest .. time to get going .. stay painfree and thanks for the great reply.. :)

[QUOTE=hawks066]After my second sugery I can remember feeling everything from sensations to pain, everywhere. I wouldn't worry to much about the little pains because i've had them all and they eventually went away. I tell ya atleast your kids are older and on their own, there's nothing worse then being crippled with 2 kids and a new house to pay for. That is what brought my anxiety/cold chills on. All that was on my mind was being able to go to work, lead a normal life, and be able to support my family. If I had to go back on W/C pay, we would sink for sure.

Atleast your surgeon got you in the following day after your mri for surgery. I had to wait 10 days. If I was active at all I would pay for it severely. I think the leg pain I have every now and then now is from nerve damage because the ER level 10 pain that would take literally 4 hours to go away had to have done some massive damage in there. They had to pack sponges with steroids in them on my nerves when they closed me up the second time because of the pissed of nerve. Those 10 days waiting was horrible. I had to lay down all day. The trip to the bathroom would bring it on pretty bad. Talk about being crippled! I woke up the day of the second surgery in bad, very bad shape. I ended up making the trip to the hospital like 3 hours early so they could shoot me up with massive amounts of pain shots. Can't remember what it was, but after 3 into my IV I was finally feeling good. I remember I couldn't walk into the daytime surgery waiting room or whatever so they brought a wheelchair over and brought me up that way but it was even worse then walking. Nothing I did would rid that pain. Like I said, after 2 weeks from the 1st, I developed pain that got worse and worse and worse. One night it took 4 hours for the level 9 pain to go away. Nothing I did would get rid of it, it was like someone had tore my leg open and was squeezing my nerve as tight as they could. Percocet wouldn't even help it. The PA for the doc said that a 3rd surgery would be fusion and you don't want that. NO I DO NOT! But if it came down to it, and it gave me hope, I would do it.

I wish you well.. It was my baby boy this time around. I also have a 4 year old daughter. I see you live in Cambridge. I live in Southern, Maine. Actually had my surgery in Manchester, NH. But have now relocated and switched doctor's to one closer to me in Portsmouth, NH.[/QUOTE]

Hey Neighbor, happy you are doing so well. after my 1st surgery I had sever leg pain 2 days after but had to wait 3 weeks for the mri and then the 2nd surgery the day after the mri .. I went ot the pain clinic in Manchester .. the Elliot Hospital .. reason being I use to live in Bow, NH .. my folks live in Milford NH .. they been up there for 15 years or so .. I am originaly from Boston so I moved back here 3 years ago .. Congrats on the baby boy .. we have a condo here in Cambridge .. we enjoy the city, so much to do and places to go .. everything is within walking distance from us .. I have a question for you .. seeing how we had the same experience in our back and surgeries .. I still am having nerve pain .. it doen't hurt to sit or lay down only when I get up to walk .. I have that hip pain ... *** pain and sorry to say the lower calf feels like its being torn out but not as bad as it was before the 2nd surgery .. when I do walk its tight at first and loosen's up after a little walk .. the pain is less also .. have you had that experience .. I for don't want the hardware either .. my Dad had that done 9 years ago for other reasons not a back injury .. he had parkinsons .. he passed away last year . but seeing what they did to him scares the piss out of me .. I am going to try accupuncuture next the wife is upset with me this morning , told me I tossed and turned all night and fell back to sleep again .. unlike before when I was awake all night .. anyway .. time to have breakfast .. stay pain free .. and enjoy the kids ... I miss mine .. too bad they grow up so quickly ..

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