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thank you everyone for your input. I will be having a nerve conduction study soon, Ivr finally got someone to prescribe it. I just hope it will show something. I am not sure how it works, but if my nerves are going crazy Id think it would show up. Im so tired of being in this pain.... it really is getting pretty old. The only thing that seems to work is Vicodin ES and Soma . Im trying zanaflex right now.. its a lil better. I went to pain management and left with NO PAIN MEDS!!! I was blown away.... I think cuz noone understands this they think Im crazy so just assume Im a drug seeker.... I WISH I WAS!!!! Then there would be no real pain, and Id be normal in all reality, EH? Not the case though. I am taking neurontin and it works for the impulse pain and I LOVE IT!!! But no help for the pain, Im bout to go to Mexico and get it my self.... pain meds that is. I was taking over 4000 mgs of tylenol a day just to cope, but now i know thats a bad!! Im just praying the test will show something. The lumbar MRI said nothing sooooo......... well see. Thanks again everyone!! :wave:

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