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Hi rmurf,

I'm never bothered by long me, the more details, the better. My MRI (2001) is not very informative. It said mild annular bulge at L5S1 but nothing about the size of it. Will an MRI show a tear though? Cuz I'm with you, I do not want to go thru a discogram or anything else that will cause me pain. I've heard some people say that they are bad! I've had prolotherapy injections and epidurals and 2 spinals (for c-sections) and I do NOT like them. What would a dr. say if he recommended that & I flat out refused?

I do have the stabbing feeling in my also goes around to the side and I get it in my lower right quadrant of abs (in the area of appendix) you get it there? I'm very tight there and at phys. therapy when they have to push there to loosen up the muscles, I cry. You know the area where your pelvis meets the top of your thigh? Well, a lot of pain is there...this may be the worst part for me. Like a tearing feeling. It's hard for me to sit Indian style or spread my legs. At the ortho last week he did that thing where he scratches down your legs at the same time to see which one feels different...well, it's always my right leg that feels more sensitive. Like when you have a numb body part & you go to scratch it but it feels really weird. He said that I should be feeling it less???? Maybe I don't know how to describe things!! I get throbbing & burning pain in the back of my leg from top to bottom. I guess it is kind of like a charlie horse cuz it feels real tight. Yesterday that leg felt like hot water was flowing thru it, isn't that a strange thing to feel? Don' have clue what that could be!!

I could go on & on about this! Just a few more things...I take the norco pain med and there are a lot of times that it does not help. Would you happen to know what type of pain med would be the best for something like this? Is this considered neuropathic pain or what? Is there inflammation going on with a tear? Anti-inflam's didn't work for you, right? What kind of exercising is best? Do you like the exercise ball & aqua therapy? Don't forget I also have the leg discrepancy of an inch so I don't know if that hinders me in the phys. therapy dept. I believe that when I was in phys. therapy, I felt worse.

I was just standing up trying to check some things out on my legs and I believe that my hamstring on the problem leg feels like it's lost a lot of it's muscle tone. When I feel the left one it's firm and kind of sticks out and the right one (the bad one), doesn't feel like that at all. And they both used to be the same!!! Now it's just kind of flat. Oh well, more stuff to talk to a therapist about when I finally find a good one. Oh, I just remembered, you are in S. Calif as well. Is there anyone you can recommend? I remember seeing the name of Robin Christensen and I think she was down by the beach but I haven't called yet.

Well, if you have any comments you'd like to add, I'd really appreciate them. I hope everything works out for you and I will post after the MRI as well. In the meantime, I need to find out about exercises & aqua therapy. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I find it extremely painful to bend at my waist to my left. Going to the right side hurts but not as severe as going to the left...probably due to the tightness at my right side. Just wanted to know if you have any of these other symptoms!!

Take care and talk to you later, Ddanna

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