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We have a lot of the same problems and questions. I still am trying to find something better for the pain, especially when it wakes me up at 3AM and in the morning I have to eat breakfast standing up I am so stiff! I stayed off the Bextra for 4 whole days, but yesterday at 3AM the pain was so intense, I had to take one. For me, it doesn't seem remove the pain, but I guess it keeps it in the 3-5 range rather than 5-7 and it's the 7 I can't take. I see my OS this week and we will see about the meds. I still worry about what they are doing to my tummy.

My understanding is that in a tear, the chemical irritants cause the nerve to become inflammed and that is what the anti-inflamms are supposed to help. I guess they want to keep the inflamm down so the disc can try to heal itself. You really should check out the site - he has a lot of info on disc tears that would answer your questions.

I find the exercise ball and back tapes very helpful - they have removed a lot of the tightness in my back. I still can't bend over and get my fingers to my knees, but I feel much more flexble, not so locked up. I haven't moved beyond the basic stretching tape, but the doc said it was ok to go slow. I have been using the jacuzzi and I like that as well, but haven't started the aquatherapy yet, the PT said it was ok for me to just get in the pool and try to tread water a little, no breast stroke or anything like that. Just run everything by your doc and your PT to make sure they are both on the same page. That's what I did before I did anything. I go to OrthoSport for my PT and think they are great - they hae 3 offices in OC.

Please keep us posted. I would be really interested to see what kind of meds your doc prescribes and what your MRI shows. GOOD LUCK!

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